Our Story

We searched long and hard for the perfect partnership between farmers, imports, and the distribution of great quality flour. It started deep in the jungles of South America and our story is just starting.

My personal journey starts 22 years as a vegetarian (now carnivore). I studied herbs and healing. Living in Hawaii, I thought my path was to be a naturopath. In 1999 my Mother was diagnosed with cancer and went the conventional route. It worked. When the cancer came back a few years later she wanted nothing to do hospitals and researched all ways to naturally heal. Together, with my sisters, we researched herbs to help her sooth her body and soul. I quickly became familiar with Nourishing Traditions, Clark, Budding, and many more. She was happy and living a very pure simple life. Unfortunately, we lost my loving Mother after 10 natural years of a good battle.

Again! Cancer was again around the corner. Too close to home when our 7 year old son was diagnosed with Leukemia. I was mad at how this little boy that wasn't fed preservatives, food coloring, and all the other cooties out there, could be dealt such a bad diagnose. Our world as we know it turned upside down. Priorities that seemed important just weren't anymore. We grew closer as a family, spiritually, and we started our whole healing process. Today my son is healthy, happy, and strong!

My plantain flour journey starts the first time I tried plantain flour. It was my brother, who works research & development in the foodie industry, who shared with me plantain flour for the first time. I was amazed at how versatile and tasty this new flour was. When I researched the health benefits I couldn't believe that it wasn't on the shelves of my local health food store. I had never heard of this flour before. As I tried plantain flour biscuits, cookies, and pancakes I fell in love with plantain and wanted it as a regular kitchen pantry item stocked on my shelves. This started my mission to find a good quality plantain farm that could supply me with great tasting plantain flour. I wanted the plantain to be grown in rich mineral soils, so I was picky when approached by some companies. It was a long frustrating search as these cultures that harvest plantain from the tropical regions are not as "fast paced" and technology isn't at their fingertips like here in the US. I wanted to give up but it seemed every time I tried to give up another door would open.  Well, this company was easier dreamed up than executed. It took me 2 years to find that farm! I am so happy to finally be doing business with the amazing people and farmers I knew I would find. They are the true heroes of POW!