Awaken with Guayusa Tea

For thousands of years Guayusa has been drunk around 4 AM to start the day. It's still essential ritual to the daily family traditions of many Ecuadorians today. Brew Guayusa like any other tea drink. Kids will benefit from drinking Guayusa Tea iced with bit of sweetener.

Guayusa is gentle on your stomach. Have you gotten a stomach ache from drinking tea on an empty tummy? Not with Guayusa Tea. Guayusa Tea can be steeped about 5 times. Get all you can out of the leaves.

  • 2nd most caffeinated plant on earth - 90 mg of caffeine/ 8oz cup (coffee is 1st)
  • 50% more anti-oxidants than green tea
  • 2nd highest ORAC score of any other food product tested (raw cacao powder is 1st)
  • Theobromine - a very rare compound only found in raw chocolate. The compound reduces blood pressure while reducing inflammation. At the same time acting as diuretic.

  • Theophyline - relaxes smooth muscle of the airways of the lungs

  • Vitamins C and D

  • Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Chormium

  • 15 essential amino acids (most importantly Leucine, which is not synthesized in our bodies and is needed to repair and build muscle tissue).

  • Anti-oxidants – Phyto-chemicals: Flavoids, Saponin and Polyphenols are the key component found in Guayusa tea. They reduce inflammation, which help fight diseases such as cancer, of your cells while at the same time stimulating the immune system.

  • Relaxer and mental clarity

  • Guayusa has been found to balance the bodies pH and blood sugar levels, detoxify the blood, improves the functioning of the kidneys and urinary tract, improves digestion and elimination while strengthening the lungs, removing cholesterol and lowering blood pressure.

  • Decalcifies the pineal gland - you'll know when you start lucid dreaming every night.

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