Cassava Root

Root vegetable
Scientific Name Botanical: Manihot esculenta
Other common names:

  • Yuca

  • Brazilian arrowroot

  • Manioc

  • Mandioca or aipim

Cassava Root Flour should not to be confused with Tapioca Flour - aka polvilho and cassava starch. This is the squeezed and dried method of extraction, which is sometimes fermented and referred to as Sour Cassava. POW! Cassava Root Flour is the WHOLE ROOT and not the extraction of starch.

Purpose: A healthy thickener for gluten-free cooking, fluffy replacement for wheat flour.

Downside: Can get gummy in large amounts.

Should be cooked prior to consuming because they contain calcium oxalate and saponins. Our POW! Cassava Flour has been properly prepared to ensure safety.

Tara Lilleycassava