How are plantains milled?

Our milling procedure used is an optimum way for obtaining the pulp flour while retaining its original vitamins, proteins and mineral properties intact.

• WASHING: The plantain bunches are washed with pressurized water to eliminate adhesion and other impurities that might contaminate the plantain flour.

• PEEL: The peeling is done manually.

• CUBILETEADO: Plantains are peeled and cut with a knife or cutter machines which have a shaft that rotates at 500 revolutions per minute, producing small pieces in the form of slices or cubes. This step improves the drying process.

• DEHYDRATE: This treatment is done in order to remove moisture.
GRINDING: The flour obtained has different particle sizes. The flour passes through a sieve to separate the different fractions. This way you get the finest product.


• STORAGE: 1 year shelf life

Tara Lilley