Plantain vs Banana

Let's just start off with one of the big differences - Resistance Starch. According to Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple, 100g unripe Plantains (they kind in POW! Plantain Flour) has 68g of Resistance Starch. 100g of unripe bananas come in at half that amount with 34g of Resistance starch.  Our Plantain Flour has not been tested for RS however, it takes 4 raw unripe plantains to make 1 cup of Plantain Flour. For every 1/4c (or half a serving of brownies!) POW! Plantain Flour you are getting 68g of resistance starch!

Now for nutrition. Their nutritional values vary greatly. Yellow banana left on the tree to ripen contain a higher mineral content. Ripe bananas are on the tree longer sucking up more nutrients from the soil and water so nutrient content values are higher. Green unripe bananas would have lower nutritional values than the values below.

100 g Yellow Banana

Vitamin C           mg 8.7

Vitamin B-6        mg 0.37

Vitamin A, IU      IU 64

Vit A REA           ug   3

Calcium              mg 5

Magnesium        mg 27

Potassium          mg 358

Vitamin C           mg 8.7

Iron                     mg .26

Phosphorus        mg 22


Green Plantains have been consumed around the world for centuries.

100g Green Plantains

Vitamin C           mg 18.4
Vitamin B-6        mg .4
Vitamin A, IU       IU 1127
Vit A REA           mg 56
Calcium              mg 3
Magnesium        mg 37
Potassium          mg 499                        
Vitamin C           mg 18.4
Iron                     mg .60
Phosphorus        mg 34

It is certain that ripe fruits develop a higher content of minerals as they get them from the water and elements in soil so long the fruit is on the tree. That should lead to a better development of antioxidant flavoniods with the appropriate chemical change occurring with mineral supply from the soil.

Green bananas and green plantains are picked unripe from the tree and have a lower sugar content.

Tara Lilley