Tips & Tricks for Baking w/POW! Superfoods

Here are a few tips when working POW! Superflours:

Here are simple wheat substitutions:

  • Please start off basic for your first recipes. Once you get a feel for the flours go wild. We suggest pancakes, cookies, or fried foods. These recipes are basic and fool-proof.
  • Plantain Flour: Use1/2 POW! Plantain Flour substitution for wheat flour in most recipes.
  • Malanga Flour: Use 1:1 substitution for wheat in most recipes
  • Cassava Root Flour: Use 1:1 substitution for wheat flour in most recipes.
  • Cassava is best when used 80% Cassava Flour 20% Plantain or Malanga Flour
    • Cassava Root Flour should to be mixed with a more robust flour such as Plantain Flour or Malanga Flour for best results.
Please use test and try for the right measurements as each recipe is unique. These are simple guidelines for substitution.
  • Before using POW! Superflours, give it a good whisk to remove lumps (if necessary).

  • Try different combinations of flours to see which results you like best, mixing our POW! Superflours with other gluten-free flours of your choice. How about mixing Cassava, Malanga, and Plantain! Adding Zantham Gum can give a gluteny texture (without the gluten of course). 

  • If you replace other flours with POW! Superflours and feel that the finished product lacks moisture and feels too gritty, try using about 15% - 20% less next time.

  • Experiment and write down your recipes. Share the good ones - just kidding, we want to hear all of the recipes, trials, and successes.

  • POW! Superflours a very dusty flour. It's very fine. Don't plop it into the bowl, or you’ll be consumed by a dust cloud.

  • Our POW! Superflour loves liquid, and drinks it up considerably, at a higher proportion than all-purpose flour. So while we make the best simple substitution guide, you may need to scale back the amount of POW! flour when making a substitution.

  • You may need to mix different flours when baking a thick bread. Cassava can give it a gooey middle while the outside is overdone. Just experiment. It will be worth it.

  • You can make your own gluten-free flour and it will save you lots of money. If you have the time, check out our Pinterest for ways to DIY you own flour. Just Google "How to make your own flours". If you’d like to use the fresh cost effective cassava flour, you can prepare your own at home pretty easily and for a very low cost. You need to find and purchase cassava roots from a local store. Check cultural markets for the roots. Kitchen materials including a grater or food processor and a dehydrator or stove.

  • Some recipes the Plantain Flour can be overpowering. Adding salt and sweetness will take care of the overpowering.

We would love to hear of your baking experiences. Post on your favorite social media or drop us a line.

Baked Goods falls in the center

During baking...

Insufficient moisture:

This might mean you have not added enough wet mixture to the ingredients, or you added too much MultiMix. Be sure to properly measure your MultiMix or weigh it for more accuracy.


Your creation may look done, but when you take it out of the oven, the middle sinks and is slightly sticky inside. To ensure doneness, insert a cake tester or skewer in the center of it before removing it from the oven. If it comes out mostly clean, you're done.

You opened the door of the oven early in the baking process:

You shouldn't open the door of the oven until your baked good is more than halfway baked. And even then, it's problematic if you keep opening the oven door every couple of minutes to check. (It's tempting, we know!) By opening the oven door, you can interrupt the reactions that are kick-started by heat, which cause a cake to rise correctly.

After baking...

Too much moisture:

If your baked good rises rapidly in the oven, has been tested for doneness, but then falls a few minutes after being removed from the oven, it could be a result of too much moisture. This is a common problem in humid conditions, where the MultiMix may pick up excess moisture from the air before it's added to the mix. Keep your MultiMix in an airtight container if you live in humid conditions.

Your creation looks fine, but is too tender to handle

Incorrect measurements:

If you've added too much sugar, shortening or oil, it could cause your creation to crumble too easily. Ensure that you measure ingredients correctly. If you didn't add enough eggs this could also be to blame.


You may not have mixed the ingredients sufficiently to help them hold together. Follow the recipe's instructions, which should indicate either how long to mix or what texture to look for in the mixing process to tell you the batter is ready.

Your baked good is cracked on top

The temperature is too high:

Raising the temperature may make your creation bake quicker, but it may not bake correctly, and will bake in an unbalanced way.

Your pan is too small:

Read the recipe to see what size pan is called for. Using a pan that is too small may result in uneven baking.

Your creation won't come out of the pan

The pan wasn't greased:

A cake pan almost always needs to be greased, unless specifically noted in the recipe.

Even if a pan is greased, some baked goods can be difficult to remove:

Lining the bottom and even sides of the pan with parchment paper and dusting it with flour is a huge help in removing cakes from pans.

The pan is dirty:

Are you re-using a pan with multiple batches of batter? That's fine, but wash it out very well. Those small bits of crumb left behind can make your baked goods stick to the pan.

Tip: When a baked good comes out of the oven, immediately run a sharp knife along the perimeter of the pan to help loosen the sides of the cake. As it cools, it can be more difficult to loosen the sides.

Sometimes the equipment is faulty

Sometimes, even if you do everything correctly, your creation can still come out wrong.

A common cause is incorrect oven temperature:

Check your oven with a thermometer every now and again to ensure that when the temperature gauge reads 350 degrees, it really is the case.

Old or insufficient ingredients can also be to blame:

If you can't even remember when you bought your POW! MultiMix chances are it's old. Ingredients can lose their potency with age, so be sure to use fresh, unexpired MultiMix.


Be sure to check out our POW! MultiMix made with Plantain Flour, Cassava Root Flour Malanga Flour.



Tara Lilley