Why the flour? Why not just eat the fruit?

You can eat the plantain fruit, which is recommended, but the flour is even more convenient and sustainable. 

Having the plantain fruit on hand at all times is inconvenient. Unless you have a plantain tree out your door, fresh plantain is, at this time, hard to come by and there is a big difference in shelf life. 

Shelf life of a plantain fruit is 1-3 weeks. Shelf life of POW! Plantain Flour is 1 year.

Shipping flour with the moisture taken out is more sustainable. No water weight is being shipped with the flour. To remove water from the pulp of the fruit decreases shipping weight. Shipping cost and carbon footprint increase with heavier fruit loads and decrease with the lighter flour loads.

Did you know 4 plantain fruit = 1 cup of POW! Plantain Flour.

Tara Lilley