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My name is Brad. I am father of 3 and a husband to the creator of Pow Super Flour. What's Pow Super Flour? Glad you asked. My wife has created this awesome company from scratch to create and sell Gluten Free flours for baking. Those flours include Plantain, Malanga, and Cassava. I gotta say, Going gluten free is not going to be easy. I love bread, pancakes, and tortillas, so giving those up were not an option. I'm 53 years old and a very athletic person. As I have gotten older I kept noticing that I could not lose that belly fat around my midsection no matter what I did. I always felt bloated and my back hurt from the extra weight. I needed to make a change.

My wife Tara is always looking for a healthy way of eating and that's when she came up with Pow Super Flours. She started selling Gluten Free Flours. That means our cupboards are stacked to the roof with these awesome flour alternatives. I dove in head first, not literally! Lol, I stopped eating gluten on a daily basis and things started to change. You see, I judge my weight on my belt loops. Let me explain, if I am at belt loop 1 that means I'm overweight. If I am at belt loop 2, I'm kinda overweight. If I'm at belt loop 3, I'm on point and if I am at belt loop for I'm doing great! After spending the last 3 years at belt loop 1 I was over it.

Tara started baking everything with these miracle flours. We're talkin tortillas, breads, muffins, biscuits, crackers and my personal favorites brownies and cake! Oh and believe you me I started replacing all my Gluten foods with non-gluten baked goods and I have never felt better in my life. I didn't have to give up the things I love just the ingredients that went into those foods. I'm happy to say I am currently at belt loop 3 and looking forward to being at belt loop 4. You see with extra weight it bring physical problems at my age. I feel the extra weight made my back and knees hurt so much, plus I was throwing my back out once every 6 months, not good.

So with these great changes in my life, I decided I should start to share with other Gluten Gluttons, like I was for so many years. So that's why I created The Gluten-Free Husband Blog. In this blog I will break down my struggles with Gluten and show you there is a way out, dang I'm starting to sound like a 12 step problem. So if you want to join me on my Gluten Free Adventure subscribe to this blog and start tightening that belt loop. Hey, maybe we can get to belt loop 4 together. ;)

Thank for listening and thanx for subscribing. Head over to to get your own Gluten Free Flours.

Brad J
The Gluten Free Husband

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