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Gluten-free Healthy Baking Alternatives of Plantain, Malanga, and Cassava Flours. Awaken with Guayusa



Superfood for a SUPER YOU!

  • Plantain, Malanga, Eddo & Cassava Flours
  • Healthy Baking Alternatives

  • High in Resistance Starch

  • Gluten Free

  • Fat Free

  • GMO Free

  • No preservatives, fillers, or sweeteners



Gluten-Free Baking Sweet and Cooking Savory

Plantain Flour - It almost has a nutty flavor. Not sweet as you might expect. You can use plantain flour very much the same way you would use coconut or almond flour. Any recipe can be altered to use plantain flour with success.
Plantain has a full flavor of both sweet and savory making it a versatile flour.

Use 1:1 coconut flour ratio, but it really depends on recipe.

Use 1/2 ratio POW! Plantain Flour if substituting wheat flour. Again, depending on the recipe.

Cassava Flour - Pretty much tasteless. Perfect for all your baking.

Use it 1:1 wheat flour ratio

Malanga Flour - A bit earthy tasting. Tastes just like wheat in baked goods. Amazingly perfect for all your baking.

Use it 1:1 wheat flour ratio

MULTIMIX - a ready made all purpose flour

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SWEET Resistance Starches

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POW! Flours are not only delicious they're nutritious.

Allergens -

  • Gluten free

  • dairy free

  • grain free

Food choice - There are so many ways of eating and POW! Superfoods fit them all - Paleo, vegan, low-fat, AIP

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Adding POW! Superflours to your diet offers health benefits because of its vitamin, mineral and fiber content.

"POW! Flour is the new Gluten-Free flour."

Tara Lilley