Wholesale Customer Payment Plan

Apply now. We have a Payment Plan available for our Wholesale Customers?

Just pay 50% of today's order and pay the 50% balance in 30 days interest free.

  • Available only to our Wholesale customers
  • Payment plan is for Wholesale Shop only
  • Excludes Samples

You must read POW! Payment Plan Terms & Conditions before applying.

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By enrolling in the Payment Plan I agree to these additional terms and conditions: 1. Pay 50% of my Wholesale purchase now 2. Pay the 50% balance in 30 days
I understand the fees involved *
I understand that my purchase is interest-free for the first 30 days. After 30 days a late fee of 3% will be billed.
I understand and agree to the Payment Plan *
I understand the Payment Plan is non-refundable. Should it become necessary for POW! Superfoods, LLC to retain an attorney or collection agency to secure payment of any amount due, I will be responsible for all collection costs and legal fees.
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You must subscribe to the Payment Plan email list so that we can communicate with you about your Payment Plan. No marketing emails will be sent using this list.
You were sent a password in your Wholesale Customer welcome email when you signed up. Enter that password now. If you have lost it please search your email for POW! password or email Sales@POWsuperfoods.com.
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I have read and agreed to all the Terms & Conditions of POW! Payment Plan.