Q's and A's

How is this stuff is a prebiotic flour if it's only prebiotic in the raw state.

PRObiotics are alive microorganisms - bacteria and yeast, with beneficial properties, such as those of the intestinal flora, and very important to keep in a raw state. PREbiotics are fiber that, instead of passing through the digestive system, get gobbled up by the PRObiotcs. PREbiotics feed the PRObiotcs. PREbiotics are merely food for the PRObiotics. So cook away. Actually, rice, potato, oatmeal, etc, cooked then cooled is very high in PREbiotics. But, if you are avoiding these foods look at Plantain, Cassava, and Malanga Flours.

Highest PREbiotic foods - #1. Cassava Starch - 81 RS, #2. Potato Starch - 79 RS, #3. Green Plantains - 68 RS. Note - Malanga is not on the list but is likely to be in these top numbers. Here is a great list from Free the Animal.


Are plantains considered a tree nut?

Our Botanically speaking the banana and plantain is a berry, and it grows on a plant that's a herb (not a tree).


How much POW! Superflour to replace wheat flour?

It takes some experimenting for some recipes. For other recipes, it is an easy replacement. Check here to find out Tips & Tricks for baking with POW! Superflours.


What kind of dyes are used to color the 12 Reusable Cupcake Cups?

Our silicone is not a BPA-based colorant. Lead testing has been done to confirm its' absence.