POW! Cassava Root Flour 1lb or 5lb

POW! Cassava Root Flour 1lb or 5lb

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1lb $9.99

5lb $29.99

  • Gluten Free

  • Amazing Source of Resistance Starch

  • Non-GMO

  • 100% Cassava Root

  • Vegan & Paleo Friendly

  • No Fillers, Preservatives, or Sweeteners


POW! Cassava Root Flour is a yummy Superfood and a healthy grain alternative in any recipe.

Power packed with Resistance Starch this PREbiotic fiber feeds our PRObiotic microbes. Prized for its many health benefits, POW! Flour's milling procedure is done in an optimum way as to retain its raw nutrient-rich original properties. Taste the goodness, feel the difference. Cassava Root Flour is perfect for all of your favorite recipes.

With wheat being one of the top eight food allergens, those who are intolerant to wheat or gluten can significantly have limited food choices. Cassava Root Flour is a great substitute for wheat flour for those who are intolerant to wheat or gluten.

Fiber is a vital nutrient that enhances feelings of fullness, ensures healthy digestion and can help keep your blood sugar levels stable. Our Cassava Root Flour is a great source of fiber.

POW! Superfoods are an amazing substitute for wheat flour when making foods such as pancakes, bread, cookies, doughnuts or muffins. Try it in - cookies, 1-2 Tablespoons in smoothies, pizza crust, cakes, thicken soups and sauces, or breading on meats and veggies, zucchini bread, brownies, and so much more.

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